LV lovers what brand of jeans do you wear?

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  1. A lot of us LV lovers are drawn to LV and similar handbags so, I was wondering if we have similar taste in jeans. It may be silly but, my neice took me out shopping for jeans to help me get into a more youthful hip style and after trying on about ten pairs I found the ones. Without her help I would not have discovered them on my own. The brand that I feel in love with is called Seven for All Mankind I think they may be designer because they cost enough. Anyhow it got me to wondering what other people with similar taste in handbags sport for jeans. Also my new jeans look great on the weekend when I carry my speedy. It is a casual chic look and youthful as well.....
  2. Yeah im 17 and i wear 7 for all mankind, miss sixty, rock & republic, diesel, g-star...among others :smile: Jeans are my second love after handbags haha
  3. i love skinny jeans by Seven, True Religion and Citizens of Humanity
  4. Out of the ones I've tried I have to say I LOVE the Ralph Lauren Polo jeans, they fit me so well and aren't waaayyyy long like the others.
  5. yeah SKINNY jeans :smile: and i forgot True Religion thanks yeux
  6. Miss Sixty jeans work for me.
  7. True Religions and Seven for All Mankind, for me.
  8. I got into premium denim long before purses. But now I'm so much more obsessed with bags than denim!

    I have the most SFAM in my denim collection, probably because I started wearing them 6 years ago... I don't buy as much anymore, but sometimes they still come out with cute jeans. I also have a lot of Citizens, as well as a mix of other brands.

    My favorite brands lately are True Religion, Rock & Republic, Hudson, and Paige.
  9. Seven for all man kind, D&G, just cavalli, true religion
  10. Hi, I wear Replay, D&G, Ralph Lauren
  11. I have 17 pairs, all designer: 1 Antik, 1 Paper Denim & Cloth, 1 D&G, 6 Seven for All Mankind, 1 Citizens, 1 James Cured, 1 Diesel, 1 Rock and Republic, 2 True Religion, 1 J& Co and 1 Mogg. Ok, I was bored so I counted them. The most expensive pair I own are the Antik's, they have very fancy stitching on the pockets, I guess that's what makes them so pricey. I still want more!!!
  12. Ok.. Not to be rude, BUT JEANS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH LOUIS VUITTON. Post it in the general section or something!!!
  13. I love premium denim.. I have one pair of Rock & Republic cropped jeans that I can only wear in the summer.. I want sevens so bad.. but I'm too short and I can't fill out the bum part. I'm so petite that I wear mostly Abercrombie kids jeans! SAD HUH? :sad:
  14. I think she wanted to see if there was a relationship beween LV lovers and designer denim ...

    I have one pair of Citizens that I LOVE, but all of my other jeans are cheap ones. Gap, Old Navy, Mossimo etc. etc. I save my money for bags :biggrin:
  15. Thank you for sharing everyone. This is a new direction for me because I am so use to Liz claibourne and Alfred Sung jeans. The waist is lower than what I am use to and I have been accused of trying to appear younger (by my younger with designer jeans and handbags. Heck if Madonna and Sharon Stone can do it...why not others...just wish I had their figures...workin on it!!!! The jeans are great,just wish that the waist sat a bit higher but, I guess that is the trend right now.