LV Lovers Unite

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  1. I know many of you only hang out in this section so you may not see the message but please venture outside just for a little while.

    Purse Forum is up for a bloggers choice award but it needs your vote we currently stand at 39.....not good enough guys so get you butt over there and vote.

    If we win Meg & Vlad get to go to VEGAS Baby!!!:yahoo: let's do it for them guys without them we wouldn't be here.

    MODS Please, please don't close or move this thread LV LV LV see we are talking about LV (LOL :heart: U :p)
  2. i totally agree!!!! great job, label addict!
  3. haha You are too funny LabelAddict- love the bit at the end of your post:p I'll go vote now- I hope Meg and Vlad win!
  4. yeah I totally love LV! <<- just so mods wouldn't move cuz it's "non" lv related..LOL

    i'm voting now!
  5. Yay! I voted for us! I hope they get to go to Vegas.
    40 votes now!

  6. Go tPF!
  7. i voted
  8. woo, i just voted!
  9. i just voted!!!
  10. I just voted !!!
  11. OK, I voted, now it's 46
  12. Done!
  13. Lol I was the 48th vote.

    And I love LV lol. :yahoo:
  14. on page 2 56 votes gets us onto page 1 keep going guys!!

    How about those speedies huh!!