LV lovers that also own Chanel...

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. Recently I’ve been considering getting my first Chanel bag. Up to now I’ve mostly owned LV. I have three purses, two wallets, and one bag charm. I’m interested in a boy bag in caviar leather.

    My question is, is it worth it to buy new or should I look for preloved? I don’t mind pre-loved items as long as they are in excellent condition. I feel like the savings is worth it.
  2. I would definitely get it preloved, make sure you get it authenticated. The thing to look out for are wear to the 4 corners and any obvious indention on the back of the bag, do also consider chevron boys. Good luck!
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  3. I think your question is better suited in the Chanel forum, they have more expertise. My only Chanel bag is pre-owned because they didn't sell that bag at the time I wanted it. That's the biggest issue with Chanel, if you want something specific, pre-owned might be your only option. I would only buy pre-owned Chanel from a consignment store though, I'd rather pay close to retail and have the peace of mind.

    Currently the boutiques are closed, so it wouldn't be possible to buy new for awhile, so it also depends on how soon you want it. HTH.
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  4. I think it depends on what you want. Take this advise with a grain of salt because I only buy new. If it’s classic, I’d buy new. If it’s seasonal, you might be only able to find it preowned.
  5. Considering the insane price increases of Chanel I would also buy preloved. I have sold off many of mine over the last couple years and gone back to LV. I just don’t find that Chanel suits my lifestyle anymore and the prices make me (personally) sick. I’ve kept a few pieces but LV remains my top brand.
    I also agree you will likely get better advice in the Chanel forum.
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  6. Thank you to all of you for your advice. I do understand that I may get better advice in the Chanel forum, but I started here because I felt like the die hard Chanel fans in that forum may all tell me to buy new lol.
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  7. Ha, I think there's more pre-loved lovers on the Chanel forum than you'd think. No one can afford to buy new for everything and have that size of collection! :lol:
  8. buy your Chanel in caviar leather it holds up extremely well, much like LV's do
  9. I am a huge Chanel lover! My advice is to consider whether or not you expect to keep this bag for life and are 100% confident you love it. If you do think you'll keep it for life, I'd advise buying from the boutique. Getting a fresh-from-boutique bag is an irreplaceable experience, and you'll remember it for life.

    That said, if you're even the slightest bit unsure, I'd try to find one pre-loved. That way, if you decide in 6 months that it's not working out for you (this happened to me with my boy bag), it's easier to sell for the price you paid and you won't lose (much) money on it. I've personally found great deals on Chanel bags through reputable instagram sellers (the purse affair and vluxestyle) that are in fantastic condition. Think of it another way, if I have $5k to spend on a bag and I find one pre-loved in excellent condition for $3k, I can also get a brand new LV for <$2k. I end up spending the same amount and I don't have to worry so much if I decide to sell it in 6 months because it isn't working out.

    Good luck with your decision! Let us know what you end up getting :smile:
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  10. You’ll hear often that the only way to know with 100% certainty that a bag is authentic and not a super fake is to buy it directly from a boutique. With that caveat aside, I’ve had good experiences buying pre-owned Chanel classics with Fashionphile and Yoogi’s Closet. (I’ve never bought pre-owned LV; I think it’s a bit too risky.) Both have authenticity guarantees and flexible return policies. I always get pre-owned bags authenticated by a reputable third party after I receive them, of course. The key word is “reputable,” and it’s best to have the bag evaluated in person rather than by photos. If you buy pre-owned Chanel, it’s best to make sure that the sticker with the serial number is intact on the inside of the bag, and whenever possible that the original authenticity card is included. (I don’t pull my hair out about getting a bag with a “full set” because I usually throw out the accessories, anyway; I have enough clutter in my life to worry about storing boxes, camellias, ribbons, tissue paper, care booklets, etc, etc, though it is nice to have the original dust bag and felts). Most of my bags have been purchased new, but I’ve bought pre-owned on occasion and would have no issues doing so again, especially in light of Chanel’s constant price increases. My collection these days is entirely LV and Chanel with a small smattering of Hermes, but I’m not a massive collector by any means (my collection was trimmed down to about a dozen bonafide “classic” pieces a few years ago, and while I have several pieces on my wishlist I have no immediate plans to increase that number). Good luck! Before I had my son, which changed my lifestyle significantly, my Chanel maxi and jumbos were my most used bags, so they can certainly be very functional under the right circumstances.
  11. I’m a Chanel and Louis Vuitton owner and lover. I occasionally enjoy a nice pre-loved Chanel or LV as opposed to brand new. It takes some of the fear out of owning a much pricier bag. Occasionally if you keep your eyes out, you can find something very reasonably priced (for Chanel) and in great condition. Don’t feel insecure if you choose not to buy brand new.
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  12. Honestly, this is better suited in Chanel since you’re asking about Chanel specifically. Chanel members have lots of experience with preloved!
  13. I went through a similar journey starting with LV then turning to Chanel. Personally, I only felt comfortable buying Chanel new from the boutique after doing research about superfakes. Also, since I was only interested in highly coveted (SO black classic flap) or classic pieces in excellent condition the pre-loved market didn't offer enough of a discount to warrant the risk of getting a fake. Best of luck on your decision!
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  14. I’m not saying this bc I’m a die hard chanel fan (saw your post in LV lol) but I bought a bag on eBay that ended up being a superfake so I don’t recommend buying outside of boutique, it’s just too risky. All of my other purchases have been boutique
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  15. Also went from LV (which I still love and own) to Chanel. I chose to go the pre-loved route after much research into reputable re-sellers. I just couldn't swallow the 4k and over price range. I bought my first bag, a 227 Reissue, from Fashionphile. Amazing experience, all around. No issues at all. Next bought a small Classic flap and then a WOC from FP. During this time, I bought wallets, earrings, and shoes from the boutique, so I was getting the Chanel "experience" which was fun. Plus I was in there quite a bit, as I was getting to know the brand.

    Early this year, I was gifted my first boutique-purchased bag, the 19, by my husband. It was super fun to open a new bag, but to be honest, I already had a lot of experience doing this with other brands, and I find that a new bag is a new bag, regardless of where it comes from (and of course assuming it is authentic). While the superfake thing is an issue, I think some people have allowed it to scare them off of pre-loved, which is a shame. Getting a new/excellent condition bag at a reduced price from a seller you can trust is not only smart, it's satisfying and fun. I am fortunate in that I have a FP located 45 minutes from me, so I am able to see what I want to buy before I buy it. Bottom line: Take your time and don't settle. Either way you choose to buy is satisfying in its own way. :flowers: