LV lovers. PLEASE help me choose a backpack from these two!

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  1. Hello there LV lovers, since this forum is very helpful and quite responsive, I figured i'd ask a question regarding a non-LV mini backpack! I can't seem to decide between the two. I am more a gold hardware girl however it is nice to have a pop of silver or gunmetal of course! At first I wanted a Palm Springs Mini and was willing to sell my Chanel WOC for the funds however doing some research online I came across these two beauties. I love that they are both mini.

    For this Moschino, I do have a birthday gift card that I haven't used yet which can purchase this mini backpack! I haven't seen anything else I like in store or online other than this Moschino backpack and Rebecca Minkoff Mini Julian.

    Please help me decide between the two!! THANKS IN ADVANCE :smile:

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  2. I’ve seen that Moschino backpack in person and the silver isn’t super flashy! It’s really cute. Although the RM Julian is also really cute as well, if I had to choose in terms of looks.. I’d go with the Moschino! GL!
  3. I have had two large Rebecca Minkoff backpacks and they are really nice bags. Soft leather, seem to be well made. Easy to get your stuff and has a really nice slouch.
    I personally don’t like the Moschino backpack because I am now one to have a name spelled out in bold letters on bags. Both to me have different looks. The Mochino seem a bit mor edgy and the Rebecca Minkoff more classic. I could see using it dressed up bit not the Mochino.
    Both are cute. Maybe buy the one that is a bit different from the normal bags you have so you can mix things up,
  4. The RM backpack is great and probably has more security than the Moschino. Am familiar with the RM, but not the Moschino. I really like the hidden pocket. It's cute and functional.
    . The Julian is definitely more understated. I'm biased; my personal taste is not on large logos and nameplates. Go on Youtube and you will find lots of testimonies on the Julian--big and 'lil.
    Good luck!
  5. Moschino