LV Lovers: Is the Miroir Pochette worth getting?

  1. I'm eyeing a Miroir Pochette as a graduation present to myself, however I wonder if it's worth the amount it costs? It's more expensive than other pochettes, so is it really worth it? Is it durable, is the size fine etc? I'd plan to use it everyday, lol. Would it be able to withstand being used daily or not? I'd love some advice, thanks! :smile:
  2. It is a gorgeous bag, and I know that a lucky few here own them, however from what I have learned it is quite a delicate bag since it is not leather, and that it is not recommeneded for daily use. I have just read the stories of strange 'bubbling' of the PVC as well as scratches that you can't buff just be careful if you end up getting it... Maybe some other TPFers can help too. Also, do a 'search' for 'Mirior Pochette' here and you can get some more photos and comments re. this gorgeous bag.
  3. I own one, and I searched high and low for one when they were first released until I found one at another store outside of my city. For me, the bag isn't for every day use at all, it's very slim and not durable. It is a beautiful piece, but I haven't used it for over half a year.
  4. I think it's a really cute piece but as karman said, it's thin. I put my money in a cles or just on the inner pocket when I use mine so it doesn't make it bulky. I love mine and wouldn't get rid of it but I don't use it as much as my other pochettes.
    I used mine about 10 times and it still looks great, I think the problem was mostly with the larger items, not the pochettes. I still wouldn't recommended it at ALL for daily use, the Miroir line as a whole is only recommended for occasional use (i.e. night time).
  5. this pochette is flatter than most pochettes so can't hold as much without looking bulky. nevertheless it is gorgeous! very nice for special occasions.
  6. After the recent problems with miroir surfaced, I wouldn't get it if youplan to use it more than twice a year...
  7. ^You can definitely use it more than that, it's better to use it than just let it sit. Otherwise, problems can occur if it's stored too long (denting etc.).
  8. Too delicate and not worth it imo. I exchanged mine for the Pomme Roxbury.
  9. i thinks it's more of an evening piece, but that said you could dress up dark denim with it. If you love it get it, and just take care of it.
  10. If I get it , I wouldn't be able to use it much then... what would be the point of it sitting in my closet.
  11. It all depends on your personal style. If you're looking for an evening bag, I think you can get a roomier and less expensive one from the regular collection, and have fewer problems with durability. But that's just my preference.
  12. I own the silver and gold Miroir pochettes myself and I would not recommend you to get any Miroir pochettes. As the others said they are very flat and you can't hold very much. It's not worth what you paid for. The surface gets scratched very easily. I think if you are really into Miroir, go for the Speedy , Lockit or Papillon. TAKE GOOD CARE OF IT!
  13. I agree...they're not meant to be used for everyday. I wouldn't get one.
  14. hmmm i would get a bigger bag so u can use more often :smile:
  15. hmm that sucks you cant use it everyday. i never like to gat bags i have to worry about like a small child.