LV Lovers in LV NV

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  1. Anyone want to do a meet up in Las Vegas? How appropriate, Louis Vuitton Lovers in Las Vegas :love::loveeyes::cloud9: Any suggestions for location? Forum Shops?
  2. Yes, that would be fun but we should try and go before prices go up on March 2. Jocelyn at Fashion Show is a great SA. Or, we could do City Center, that store is HUGE!
  3. Is the price increase across the board. LV in all states?
  4. Did I miss it? this is like the LV capital in the US!
  5. Awe I would love to do a Vegas meet up I am going to be in Vegas the end of April the 28th - 2nd of may
  6. Yes, price increase is across the board. :sad:
  7. No u didn't miss it. Anyone up for a Las Vegas meet up in June? that will give us enough time to plan.
  8. A meetup in June in Las Vegas would be great! How about a Saturday around lunchtime? Maybe June 7th? I know a few of the SA's at Fashion Show Mall and at Ceasars. Perhaps they can arrange something special for our group. I'm happy to help organize it for those interested in meeting.
  9. Moving to Nevada next month and would Love to meet up!