LV lovers..if you don't like your keys on cles'..what do you use?

  1. For those who aren't fans of cles' with their keys attached but love to have a little touch of LV wherever they can..what do you use? Or if LV for your keys not your style, what do you opt for instead?
  2. I use the 4 key holder. Have one in pomme and one in black mc (one for each car). Just made the switch to these about 2 months ago and they're working for me. Prior I had my keys on a Tiffany star keyholder and coach key chain.
  3. I have been using the mono Astropil
  4. I use my 6 key holder.
  5. those sound lovely girls, please post picts if you can!
  6. I've posted before but here they are again...
    easter 5.jpg
  7. wow I love it in MC. now does the car remote fit in? or does it need to hang out at all times?
  8. pomme 4-key holder! I love it and it's fantastic; the color is SO PRETTY! I wanted something that would hold my keys inside and would keep them from scratching anything inside my bag. I had been using a Coach mini skinny, but I liked how I could put each key on its own individual hook in the 4-key holder.
  9. It is either or....I can't get either of them to close with both. In the pomme I have three keys and one remote and the Black MC has two keys and one remote. Here's a pic of the inside of the Black MC...
    mc key inside.jpg
  10. i use an Anneu-Cles and just hang it on the d-ring of my bag or belt loop of my jeans :yes: here's an old photo (i took out most of my keys for aesthetic purposes):

  11. I use a Damier 4-key holder!
  12. Wow rileygirl they're both gorgeous!
  13. The Pomme 4 key holder is terrific! I use it with the verrou key holder attached to my car key on one end and the other clip end clipped to it. It makes it easy to take the car key off if nec. for valet parking, carwash, etc. Also, it can be clipped to a bag if I want to as well.
  14. I use a Coach Dots cles in apple green color, b/c it's more roomy, flexible and :heart: the exterior pocket :yes: I tried to use my perfo cles intead, but it's just no way my keys can fit in it as i also have flash drive and those 'speed' membership tags on key chain :sweatdrop:
  15. Thanks! I think they were a better buy than my pomme cles. If I could locate one in Epi Mandarin I'd find some sort of keys to put in there!!! LOL