LV lovers- I need help matching the tags, pleaseee!

  1. Hi, I have 3 LVs that I want to sell and I put all my tags in a plastic baggy.
    I took them out and now I don't know which goes to which tag!!! :sad: & I don't want to put the wrong tags together & have people think I'm selling a fake!

    So I was wondering if you LV experts could help me, please!!!
    Thanks in advance!!!!

    One goes with the Vernis Roxbury, Speedy 30, and a Monogram Canvas belt..

  2. I think the Coated fabric goes to the Speedy 30...but I don't know about the other 2...are you sure those are the right tags?
  3. I'd agree that the coated canvas would be for the speedy. But both the other tags say leather...I don't know what the vernis material is but I didn't think it was leather. Confusing for me too, but then again I'm no expert. So I'll just wait until someone more knowlegable answers you and then I can learn something!
  4. Coated Fabric= Speedy
    Outside Calf Leather= Roxbury
    Cowhide Leather= belt
  5. One SA told me the vernis is a leather covered to make it shiny like that. ??
  6. ^Yeah it is...Vernis is like "varnish" in English which is the shiny covering over the leather. That's why they smell yummy. :p
  7. wow, you're selling your roxbury!? i'd waste all three of my genie wishes on that bag. is there something about the bag that isn't desirable?
  8. OMG THANK YOU. Hahaha. =) & yes, the Roxbury smells SO good :heart:

  9. Nooo, not selling the Roxbury. I don't think I'm ever going to let go of the Roxbury. My favorite bag, really! :heart:333 Hehe, you should definitely get one.. it's just too beautiful for words.
    I plan on selling my speedy & belt, but had no idea which tags went with which, haha. So yup! That's why I needed help. I should keep better track of that tho.

    Thanks guys!