LV cute is this????

  1. i think its a waste of money and not really all that cute
  2. yeah the biggest waste of money!! isn't it the one you get with the papillon 30?
  3. ouch!

    for what it's worth, I like it.:shame:
  4. Doesn't it come in the Papillon?
  5. Yeah, that's the little pouch that comes with the Papillon 30...

    I can't believe it's worth $265 all by its itty bitty self:blink:
  6. Yeah, I thought that comes with the 30????..By the time you buy a 26 + that small thing, you could have probably bought a 30 lol
  7. edit: works now for me ;)
  8. yes it is.....

  9. This Is The Cutest Piece! The One That Came In My 30 Got Very Worn Through Time! I Used It In Almost Every Bag For Years. I Bought Another.....I'm Glad I Did It's My Favorite!!!
  10. Is $ 265.00 a price dif. between Pap 26 and 30?
  11. I'd rather get the 30 to have it for free! My mom has one but only uses it on vacations when she doesn't need to carry around a lot.
  12. would rather get wapity or save up for something else
  13. it's cute but i wouldn't pay for it! give me a wapity or a pochette.