LV lovers - Do you also spend big bucks on other brands?

  1. Dear fellow LV lovers, just wondering whether you feel the same way towards buying (if at all) bags like Fendi B/Spy or Prada Grauffre?
  2. I have purchased a Spy, and it was not a problem at all! lol...I have never really gotten into Prada...but Gucci, and Chanel SURE! Lv is my first love and I always go back to it eventually!
  3. Thanks!!:yes: Any other thoughts?
  4. I'm an equal opportunist when it comes to buying designer handbags. I like having variety in my collection so I have bought bags from other high-end designers. My current loves right now are my Fendi wisteria spy, Chanel grey reissue and my LV cerise speedy.
  5. I have no urge to spend on any other brand at this time. My sister-in-law has a Fendi and I really like it, but I prefer LV.
  6. Only Chanel. :heart:
    But not nearly as much as I do on LV.
  7. Nope just LV. I do like Chanel but haven't difted off just yet :smile:
  8. I love other brands, esp. some of the new Guccis, Diors, of course Chanel and Hermes but I would only buy another brand if I really loved the bag. I just love so many of LV's styles that I could keep buying and buying and never run out of bags I truly loved!
  9. B-bags and Fendi but its just something about LV that brings me back no matter what.
  10. the only other designer is chanel......and maybe hermes in the future. :graucho:
  11. Yes Chloe & Prada so far. Need to buy some Chanel & working towards Hermes Brikin :smile:
  12. I have a couple of chanel, prada and gucci, but most of my big buys are with LV, which is by far my favorite brand.
  13. I only like LV
  14. I used to, but like every one else, we all come back to LV.

    I like the Fendi Spy bag, but can't bring myself to spend any more money on bags that fall apart.
    (A Fendi fell apart on me in less than two months, so I took off the leather strap and now it's my make-up bag.)

    Now it's LV or bust. :smile:
  15. i only have a small bottega at the moment, but that's one brand i would'nt mind spending big bucks on. (aside from LV ) :love: