LV Lovers come on in

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  1. Lately, i love to carry big bag, so my MC Alma is always by my side, consider i'm only 5'. But i just love big bag and i can just have everything that i need . What about you guys LV Lovers?:graucho:
  2. Of course we are LV lovers hence the board :nuts: Do you mean are we big bag lovers? If so, yes I am.
  3. I'm five foot three and I have tons of big bags, sometimes I think the bigger the better. LOL.
  4. I'm guilty of being a size queen!
  5. Although I own a few of the LV pochettes, I hated when little bags were the bag to have. I always loved big bags, makes it easier to carry my life around with me...LOL.
  6. I love big bags too. :yes:
  7. I love all bags as long they are useful. Big bag, small bags... Love them all. Ok... what should I buy now? I'm bored...
  8. I am five foot five and I love huge bags
  9. i love big bags as well!.. its the trend i guess
  10. I like big bags.
  11. I like big bags and I cannot lie....*sing it like the I like big buts song* hee hee..
  12. big bags rock my socks off!!!!!!! i love my speedy 40:yahoo:
  13. i always have a thing for big bags!!!! i'm 5'5" and i adore my balenciaga work!!(oops, it's not really LV but oh well, just to show how i like big bags)

    my LVs are mostly big too...the bigger ones are MC speedy, priscilla, mizi, marykate....all big bags :smile:
  14. Of course!!! Big bags are THE BEST!!!:graucho:
  15. I am a shorty at 5'1" and I love big bags. I have a speedy 30 and would love a deauville or a epi speedy 35.
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