LV Lover, Working Girls - How much do you make?


How much do you make annually? Ages 18-30

  1. Under 30K

  2. 30K-55K

  3. 55K-80K

  4. over 80K

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Someone started a thread about age of LV lovers here. At first, I thought it was a little personal. After having read the responses, I found the thread very informative. I was surprised about the young age of the crowd, mostly 20's and second most 30's. I remember when I was in my 20's, I was poor and busy starting out, attending college, getting a job, saving for a house, and saving/investing, period. Needless to say, I did not spend much on a handbag, let alone Louis Vuitton bags.

    I wonder how young girls like you being able to afford endless collections of LV bags. Therefore, I am starting 2 surveys on income for different age group of LV lovers here. Since these are polls, your names will not be shown, and we may get interesting facts about ourselves here. You are encouraged to add comments.

    Here are the rules:

    1. You must be earning money yourself to pay for your bags. Your hubby's or your parents' income does not count in this survey.
    2. Your annual income is salary plus bonus.
    3. The first group is for ages 18-30, the young starters. The second group is for age 31 or older, the more established ladies.

    If I offend anyone or break any rules by starting this thread, I apologize.
  2. I won´t post numbers because that is nobody´s business. I don´t make a lot of money though, that´s what I can say. I get buy nicely, but surely don´t live luxuriously.
  3. Sorry, Nola, I think I have offended you by starting this thread and poll. Let me close it.
  4. I make dinner, the beds etc. etc.:flowers:
  5. How do you remove this thread and post?
  6. I am well off but not filthy rich. I live comfortably. I only have expensive taste in bags and not too fussy on clothes and shoes etc....
  7. Well since I'm married I think it would be only right to include hubbys income since we have joint bank accounts and share all finances. So I won't vote then because my income as a grad student sucks LOL
  8. I don't think you offended anyone, after all we don't HAVE to post our income, so how could you offend? However, since my hubby is the only one who works outside the home, I guess I am excluded. Money is and always will be a sore spot to discuss with anyone except your accountant. :smile:
  9. Full-time student and part-time hostess...I don't make that much but will earn a decent salary when I go for my internship in two years! :P
  10. i don't make $ anymore, (not much, anyway) so my purchases come from ebay sales- of old stuff i have! i'm running out of stuff to sell, so there won't be more lv purchases anytime soon! :yes:
  11. I'm 19 and my mom mainly pays for my addictions, but I really don't see what's wrong with that. I guess, according to you, gifts don't count? I don't really see why a person's income matter's either. You could have someone makine 10k a year and buying them new. And someone 200k and buying them used. So, basically, your icome doesn't really relate to your purchases all the time. Also, someone, including husbands, could be giving you a gift but that doesn't really count to you... I don't see the point of this thread?
  12. purselova34 - I don't think the OP meant to say that there's anything wrong with mothers/fathers/SO's paying for LV...she's just interested in seeing how much 20-30 year olds here are if your mom is paying for your LV, that's not really your "income".

    IMO, if you don't like this thread, don't vote, and hit "Back"!
  13. I'm 22 and fund my purses through money saved through jobs. I'm currently an RA, so my parents benefit through my job - free room and board here on campus. I can't wait to go back to a job that makes actual money, though.
  14. I'm a photographer, how much I make varies each month. Sometimes I have a good month and sometimes I have a bad one.
  15. I wanna vote twice LOL Once for my salary (which sucks) and one for mine & hubbys combined!
    Oh...and not offended at all.....just IMO married women who share finances with hubby should be able to count joint income.