LV lover in Seattle

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  1. Are there any LV lovers in Seattle area? Would love to coordinate a meet up at LV boutique in Downtown.
  2. I would have loved to of been part of a Seattle meet up. I lived in that beautiful city for 7 years, but now I'm back home in my native England 😐
  3. I would love to host a party for all LV fan in seattle at my restaurant one day :smile: we could have like a little fashion show of LV hand bags. What would be more delight than having cocktails and foods while chitchat about Louis Vuitton :biggrin:
  4. Would love to know if anyone ever pulled together meetings in Seattle! I just moved here from San Francisco Bay Area and would love to find some new friends!

  5. Not sure but open to it 😀
  6. Me! Just moved from Miami and don't know a soul!
  7. Come on Seattle ladies let's do a meet up and let's all have fun!!!
  8. Lets have a meet up on April 11th or 12th. I am going to be in Bellevue.
  9. Hey how about on Thursday? Ladies lets have some fun
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    Personal message will be sent.

  11. Would love to however, I am on the East Coast for vacation with family (Springbreak week). Please include me on the next one [emoji178]