LV Lovely Cup Diamond Watch Reveal!

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  1. A while ago I was contemplating on whether to get the Chanel J12 or LV Lovely Cup watch... many TPFers suggested that I get the J12....

    Whilst neither Chanel nor LV are really watch makers, I wanted to venture out of Cartier and have something a little "fun" (I also own some Dior and Gucci watches but my Cartier ones were so much better that I stuck with buying from Cartier for quite a while). Anyway, so I went ahead and got the J12.... but still thought about the Lovely Cup a lot.... to make matters worse, I only liked it in diamonds... :P

    As I was thinking about whether to get that as well, my DH went ahead and got it for me! :yahoo: I am over the moon! I did not want 2 white watches, so we changed the strap over to pink alligator... I love the watch even more now with the pink strap!! :biggrin: I goes really well with one of my favorite dress rings, the Cartier Love ring in diamonds....

    Excuse my poor photography skills, I don't think the pics does the watch any justice!

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  2. Congrats .. beautiful watch:smile:
  3. Congratulations! It is so so beautiful!
  4. Wow!! :nuts: Looks really lovely with the pink strap, Congrats on getting both in the end!!
  5. Congrats! DH is very sweet! That is a beautiful watch!
  6. Congrats on your two new watches, they are both gorgeous! I LOVE the LV one with the pink alligator strap, it looks stunning! You have a very sweet dh, Enjoy your new goodies!
  7. OMG! Gorgeous, just GORGEOUS! Love it! Congrats!
  8. wow that is soo lovely!!

    though i thought the watches came in canvas boxes like LV trunks...
  9. Oh My!! Such a BEAUTY!! LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT !! :drool::drool:
  10. Oh my!
    Big congrats you lucky thing!
  11. Pretty, congrats!
  12. Congrats !!
  13. OMG!!! Gorgeous!! Congrats!!!
  14. Congrats!
  15. OMG Congrats! Beautiful!