LV Love Rekindled

  1. LV was my first designer bag, but sometime last year I started seeing too many fake Speedy's bouncing around town, and hearing a lot of anti-logo rhetoric from various quarters, so I started leaving my LV's in the closet in favor of other bags. But Saturday's brunch with the SoCal tPF'ers and our subsequent visit to the LV boutique has rekindled my passion! Walking across the threshold and seeing all of those gorgeous bags made me feel like I'd found Vahalla again. :p

    I lean more toward Damier these days (and am excited about the new Hampstead) but the bag I'm now officially holding out for is the white Suhali Lockit PM. :drool: :heart: :drool: I'm planning to visit the LV Mothership when we go to Paris in May, and plan to buy it there if they have in stock. In the meantime...PURSE BAN 4 ME.
  2. lol.. glad your back!
  3. lol. It's always good to see LV addicts/lovers loving LV again. :p
  4. Welcome back, and a lesson in holding out for what draws your :heart:
  5. Welcome back! Hope the gorgeous Suhali Lockit PM when you get it will rekindle your love for LV.
  6. Welcome Back! :love:
  7. I'm glad your back! Your waiting for such a gorgeous bag as well, it'll be worth the ban! :love:
  8. Lol welcome back.
  9. :supacool: heeheee
    I'm glad you're back!

    LV in Paris :girlsigh: perfect place to get that lockit!!
  10. Welcome back!!!
  11. love the suhali lockit. worth the wait IMO. welcome back!
  12. Welcome back. There are so many new items besides the highly faked speedy :smile:
  13. I love the Suhali Lockit too!
    But I'm weak with all the other LV distractions.