LV love? or LV addiction?

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What do you have?

  1. LV Love

  2. LV Addiction

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  1. I am really enjoying the threads on this sight. It does make me wonder... is it love or an addiction? I have always been a shopper, but more recent have my purchases really climbed. I came across a thread that asked how much money have you spent on LV this year. As I started to post a comment I stopped myself and realized WOW... that is just for one month, not including all other indulgences Chanel, Christian Louboutin...etc.

    I walk into a store being sure that I enter directly into the handbag or shoe department. I have edited my phone contacts and see that the larger group consist of sales associates and direct numbers to department stores and boutiques. Is it so wrong that the beauty of leather, the smell, the feel, can make me feel so happy? Finding this site has really made me feel "normal". The real question is... when is enough REALLY enough?

    I ponder this as I await the arrival of my highly anticipated LV handbags while on the hunt for the perfect black patent leather bag with gold hardware to match my lovely Chanel shoes :shrugs:

    What do you think...Love or Addiction?
  2. I think we're all addictedly in LVoe.
  3. Both!
  4. It is hard to stop so it is an addiction.
  5. It is an addiction that's harmful on the pocket but good for the soul lol
  6. I'm an addict!!
  7. A bit of both, definitely!
  8. I have both. I can't call it purely addiction because I only buy stuff I like and not just to have something by LV.
  9. I say love for me.
  10. It's both...only a matter of degree. Too much love = addiction!

  11. LOL I agree!
  12. Definitely an addiction for me, if I don't buy a new bag it doesn't make me stop thinking about one constantly.
  13. for me, its a super fine line that I cross countless times!

  14. I think we all walk a fine line. My addiction is strictly LV. That said, what is consuming your thoughts during the day? Are you thinking only of shopping and buying? If this really is bothering you maybe try keeping a journal of your thoughts and purchases, it may either surprise you or reassure you. Consider if there is balance in your life. If all is in order then I wouldn't worry too much and have fun.
  15. I would say it is love and my dh would say it is an addiction ;)