LV Lorri's ever growing collection

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  1. An introduction to my family :tup:
    mycollectionsmall3.jpg Mycollection.jpg mycollectionagenda.jpg mycollectionback.jpg mycollectionchinchilla.jpg
  2. OMG!!! Love your collection!! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Very nice collection, congrats!
  4. Gorgeous collection!
    Especially the last one :drool:
  5. and some more :tup:
    mycollectiondamier.jpg mycollectiondenim.jpg mycollectionlargebucket.jpg mycollectionminilin.jpg mycollectionperfo.jpg
  6. and some more!

    I have had so much pleasure looking at everyone elses threads as their collection has grown, I hope it's ok to do the same!
    mycollectionbooks.jpg mycollectionperfospeedy.jpg mycollectionspeedy.jpg pen.jpg mycollectiongifts.jpg
  7. very very nice collection. congrats!!!!
  8. Beautiful collection!

    Thanks for sharing!
  9. and lastly my non-LV babies
    mycollectionchanel.jpg mycollectiondior.jpg mycollectiongucci.jpg mycollectionprada.jpg
  10. Thanks for sharing your family pics!
  11. Great collection, congrats!!
  12. Nice collection!
  13. Wow! Beautiful collection :love:
  14. Lovely collection you have ~ thanks for sharing!!
    I like the last one in the first post, looks so cuddly!:tender:
  15. Love your LVs. :yes: