LV logo on the corner of Epi Ivoire bags (a bit long)

  1. Hi again everyone! After a mighty long absence from tPF I am now back again and fully refreshed! I had given birth to a wonderful baby boy a couple of months ago and decided it was high time I treated myself with a new bag!! There were so many on my mind, like the Mini Lin Speedy in Dune, the Riveting bag, Suhali Lockit MM and a few others... However, when I went to LV on Monday and I just fell in love with the Epi Alma in Ivoire and bought her on a whim! She's amazing IRL and I also got a matching Disco Ball Glitter key chain in silver (they said it was the last one in the store and that it wasn't produced anymore).

    Anyway, now to my question: I noticed that the LV logo on the bottom right corner is kind of faint, especially in comparison to Epi bags in different colours (mandarin, red, black). I pointed it out to my regular SA and he said it depends on the thickness of the Epi leather and the way the leather is stamped. So, let's say the leather is quite thick, then the logo stamping will be deeper compared to if the leather was thin. Hope it makes sense...

    While at the store I checked out the logo on every single Epi item in Ivoire on display and most were pretty faint. However, it seems as if smaller accessories such as key chains had a better/more noticeable logo compared to bigger bags such as Passy, Alma, Speedy.

    I'm just wondering whether any of my fellow LV lovers have noticed the same thing or not? And is it really much fainter than on other Epi colours? Thanx so much!

    (Sorry if I rambled on, but it's just kind of bugging me and I just had to let it out!) :p
  2. i can barely see mine on my epi red petit noe.
  3. I have the same Epi Ivorie Alma bag as you .....and same thing with the LV in the corner. It's very faint, but all the ivorie bags I looked at all had the same type of wasn't very deep.
  4. Most of the Epi I owned all had the faint LV diamond imprint.
  5. well, the LV logo used to be painted as well after it was stamped in, to make it darker, and the newer ones aren't colored after..just stamped.
  6. why did they stop painting it?
  7. Thanx everyone for your input, they are all very helpful! Now it's beginning to make sense as to why some of the logos I see (on older models) are darker - such a pity they stopped painting it after the stamping, I would have prefered it that way...
  8. My red petit noe stamp is very faint, also. I almost didn't buy it because of that. I'm so glad to hear other people's bags are like this. But I loved the noe so much I bought it anyway. I guess it's the norm now.