LV logo on epi pochette

  1. I saw two or three auctions and i notice that the front logo on epi pochette seems to be different from one bag to another..
    Some have the "V" that reach the "L", and some have a little space between the two letters..
    here two pics..any answer?:confused1:


  2. the 2nd one's gotta be fake for it.. otherwise, i don't know why there would be a difference like that.
  3. maybe older then... :shrugs:
  4. I just checked mine, 2 of them have that little space and one of them doesn't. The one who doesn't is the oldest one so maybe it changed over the years :shrugs:
  5. Thank you icechick!:flowers:
    i think it's the only reason possible:yes:
  6. The logo could have changed a bit over the years. Anyone have actual info?
  7. it's not only the logo, when I saw an older epi bag the whole leather had some kind of different finish if you looked close enough

    vintage mono bags also have different monos on it, designwise of course (when comparing the thickness of a letter, one side of a letter etc.)
  8. they are very different...good eye!!!! wonder why they are so different doubt LV would change the logo like that..which one is real is the question now???
  9. i have some doubts on the second one (from the mypoupette seller) because when you look at the heat stamp, it's a little off and not centered. if it's real, the letter "m" in made in france should not be cut. just my opinion. i'm no expert though :P

  10. Hmmm... I agree that the LV could have changed, although I don't know if it has? The heat stamp on the second one looks odd to me too... but that MP seller has always made me a little nervous, check out the feedback...
  11. Theyre both real. One is older than the other.
  12. depends on the diamond they use to imprint their logo. I heard it was kept under lock and key to only a few who have access...:confused1: :s :shame: