LV Locks - oxidized!

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  1. I was airing out my bags yesterday, and I realised that the lock that was given to me when I bought my Epi Speedy (sometime in Jan) has oxidized really badly. It looks really awful.. (well, I don't attach it to my Speedy when I carry the bag out, but I'd just like a perfect lock...I'm just being fussy)

    It also looked rather different from the lock given to me when I bought my Mono Trouville earlier this month (That lock was wrapped in tissue, and came in its own little box).

    Anyone experienced this? Do you think I can bring it to the LV store and have it replaced?
  2. have them look at it, definitely. they will likely replace it if it won't polish up.
  3. I haven't experienced a lock that was oxidized almost immediately but the lock on my Speedy has started to oxidize (its 1yr 4mths old). Mine doesn't look bad, it just comes with time because of the metal it's made of.
  4. It is worth a try.
  5. You can also clean it with Brasso if you like.
    I did this a while back to my Speedy's lock.
  6. I cleaned mine with brasso
  7. I use brasso too.
  8. It doesn't hurt to ask your SA about it. Mine was so nice and gave me 3 extra locks on the spot. I didn't even bring it in, just asked him what I could do about the tarnished locks and he just handed me new ones :love:
  9. SO UPSET!
    I called the LV shop (where I bought the bag from), and they said there's nothing they can do. They said I can buy a new one. And he doesn't recommend that I polish it either (something about wearing down the surface, and that it would oxidize even further)

  10. Mine is tarnished too, but I think it's because of the hot humid weather we have here. Does anybody know how much a new lock costs? I don't know where to find Brasso here and I'm scared to mess up my lock.
  11. I think we need to call Jazzybelle in for this. With her Timberland boots, she's unstoppable :roflmfao:
  12. Where do you live Littlepanda?
    I live in the Caribbean and I thought i wouldn't find Brasso here but to my surprise I did.

    I used Brasso on my lock and nothing happened to it. It cleaned it right up. I don't use it often b/c I actually like the old/vintage look it gets after time.

    I don't understand why some SA are meaner than others but I would suggest you go there and speak to a manager (provided you're near the store). It's harder for them to give you any lip if you're there in front of them.

    I could never understand why SAs don't try these stunts on me...
    That'll be the day I'll make the news.
  13. I dont have a personal relationship with any SA, so I'd love to know how much they'd charge you for a set too!
  14. I think it's like $20 or $40. That's what I recall what my SA told me before.

  15. I can't believe the SA wouldn't give you a new one, and took the attitude that he did! If you are near by, I would go and speak with a manager. Good luck!