LV Lockit Horizontal

  1. Hi everyone, Am considering an LV Lockit Horizontal for my wife this Christmas. My wife is petite at five feet and two inches. I just want to know if the bag will look big on her. She likes carrying her bags on her shoulder.

    I need all the advise I can get as I am clueless in buying ladies' bags. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi there! I don't think that bag would look big on her at all. I think you should go for it and get it for her : )
  3. take her to the shop & try it... =)
  4. Thanks, that would make sense. But I really want to surprise her. :smile:
  5. i'm 5"3 and the bag works great with me. I say surprise her and if she finds it too big take her to Lv and let her pick what she wants in exchange.
    she will understand the thought behind your gift.
  6. I think it will look great!
  7. I am the same height. Nope, it is not too big. Love that bag but the vachetta needs careful handling before it patinas.
  8. I am also the same size and I LOVE that bag! I am sure she will too!
  9. I think this bag will be perfect and you are so sweet to want to surprise her!
  10. I agree! and I think it will look great on her!
  11. Thanks everyone for your help. Now I'm convinced with the Lockit Horizontal.

    I will ask your opinion again when I decide to get her a matching wallet for her birthday next year. :smile:
  12. a matching wallet sounds great! Im 5'2 aswell and the Lockit Horizontal is a great size!