LV Lock losing its gold colour? :(

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  1. Hello ladies! I was carrying my LV Speedy 25 in DE when I suddenly saw that the lock on the side is losing its colour.
    My Speedy is not even 1 year old and I am wondering if I could return this to an LV store to "polish" or adonize (?) it up?
    It really makes me sad to see this... :sad:
    The ticket says on the other hand that exchanging your item is valid for 30days but I bought it 17 May 2013... Help what can I do?
    I'll include some pictures. It's not THAT bad but for €600 on a bag It's hard not to not notice that... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391202769.180169.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391202782.328474.jpg

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  2. The lock will tarnish over time. Use tomato sauce to polish it, it will make it shiny again. I tried it before and it works.
  3. It's normal. Get some brass cleaner and a soft polishing rag. In a minute it will be shinier than when you first got it. ;) The lock on my epi speedy was sooooo tarnished it looked greenish black. Now it's super gold and shiny.
  4. Oh okay! So going with this problem to my local Louis Vuitton is unneccessary? :smile:

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  5. I use a jewelry polishing cloth on my locks - works great!
  6. Brass will tarnish over time. Everybody had great suggestions on buffing the lock. :tup:
  7. Yes, its normal. No worries. You can use brass cleaner or ask the store if you can get one new. I think you can buy one too.
  8. It's brass, so yeah this will happen. You can actually get it shiny again with a silver polishing cloth.
  9. I cleaned mine yesterday with ketchup, then warm soap and water. Worked great!
  10. Yes it's normal. I heard toothpaste works.
  11. I also use brass polish/cleaner (Brasso) on my lock (no lacquer on my lock -- just brass), key, rivets, and (carefully) on my brass zippers. The member above who advises that the lock will shine like new is correct, according to my personal experience. No need to worry :smile:
  12. you could take it and ask but as said it will tarnish again cus it is overlay
    you can try cleaning it I've seen amazing results
  13. I just clean two locks yesterday with toothpaste and Q-tips. It came out shinny and new again.
  14. Here is a before and after pic of the key that I cleaned using the toothbrush.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391326558.659358.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391326571.492253.jpg
  15. Tomato ketchup worked really Well on mine. It is natural for the padlock and keys to tarnish over time, but easy to get them back to their shiny state. It was very quick to get them shiny again too.

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