LV Lock & Key????

  1. I don't mean to sound like an idiot, but can you buy a lock & key seperatly for an LV bag? I bought an Alma on eBay that does not have a lock & key. TIA!
  2. yes you can if you go into a store. not sure on the price but if you do a search someone asked this a few weeks ago
  3. i think the SA told me it was $5?
  4. yes, the lock and key are about $25 and every LV store sells them
  5. sometimes the SA will give them to you for free. When I bought my 1st speedy, the lock was scratched, so I was given an extra set.
  6. thanks!
  7. I just bought one my speedy at the boutique. It was $24.
  8. yes, but i dont know the price.. i'm sure it's not that much!
  9. so they do sell them in the boutique for $25?!?! wow...i wondered how come they go around $30+ on eBay.
  10. Yeah, they're normally sold for $25 but if you know your SA well and are friendly with them, sometimes they'll give you one for free.
  11. you have to purchase them separately? that's so strange? when I got my speedy, they gave me the lock and keys for free.
  12. Yes, the LV in AC sells them for $25.00...I am guessing that is where you shop! I shop there too!
  13. You get one lock and 2 keys when you purchase a speedy at the boutique. If you want another one for some reason, that's when they charge you.
  14. some bags go with a free lock and key. the mono/damier speedy does :smile:
  15. I would try asking at the boutique for a set, saying you never got them before. They may just give them to you, and if not then pay for them.