LV lock and key pendant

  1. Ok, pardon me if I sound slightly dumb; I don't know the exact name of the piece of jewelry. I'm interested in getting one of those LV pendants/necklaces that came out a couple years ago, that looked like a little lock with a key. Some of them, I believe, had crystals and whatnot.

    They're really cute, but I can't seem to locate any online, even on eBay. The few that I've been able to find are obviously cheap, sleazy replicas. Any advice on where to look? E-luxury doesn't have them either. :crybaby:
  2. Call a flagship store to locate one. The lock is done in pave diamonds, not crystals. It's very expensive.
  3. Have you asked in the LV subforum? I bet the LV addicts could tell ya! :wlae: