LV Locations

  1. Does anyone know how they decide where to open a new LV store? Either in a department store or on its own?

    I just CANT believe we dont have one here and i was wondering if there is any chance one will ever be here....Palm Springs area.

  2. I too have often wondered what the criteria is for new store locations. obviously, some sort of demographic with money, but beside that...

    I live in a city that has a huge seasonal population (snowbirds from up north!), and they ALL have money (even the non seasonal population has money here), and there used to be an LV in the Saks, but then they closed that. Now the closest store is either an hour north in tampa or 2 hrs south in naples. Supposedly there is one on the books for sarasota once they renovate this one building, but that is probably 2 years away (or more!).

    So i didnt really give you any answer...haha, but i definitely understand your confusion/curiousity ;)
  3. I can't believe there is not one in Palm Springs....
    figured there would be.
  4. wow how can palm springs not have an LV, very surprised to her that. I live 20 mins from San Francisco, where they have free standing LV, bloomingdales, Saks and nieman marcus all have a LV in them as well.
  5. Isn't there one in a department store in Palm Springs...Saks I think?
  6. seriously. but is there a nice place to put it? because lv isusually inplaces surrounded by other big designers... cabezon wont cut it...
  7. There is a Saks on El Paseo that has Chanel and other high end boutiques but no LV. I have heard that LV used to be in there but then they remodeled and it was gone after that.

    YES!!! there are nice places to put it! ANYWHERE on El Paseo it would fit right in, if anyone doesnt know what EL Paseo is, just think Rodeo Drive....its not AS niceb ut definitly has high end designers and tons of money in that area. in palm springs i dont know where they could put it but Palm Desert and Indian Wells are both very nice and very very rich people.
  8. I was told that the reason why they decided to open LV in Oslo was because they noticed that a lot of norwegians shopped in Copenhagen and Stockholm, so there was obviously a marked for it here as well.
  9. I am very surprised there isn't a LV store in Palm Springs!! I just went there for vacation and I loved that street where they have all those high end stores (I forgot what it was called but remember there was a Saks, St John, etc)
  10. They should put one on El Paseo! I could have sworn I saw one in Saks last time I was there...but maybe not. That's about the only place it would really fit in.
  11. ^ I wish there was one here up at the Penninsula (just noticed your a neighbor)...they even took Saks away:sad: .
  12. Yes thats El Paseo! lovely street and shopping :yes: