LV limited items I may have overlooked. . .

  1. Hi, I really have not been paying attention to LV for too long. I had a few pieces, but was never aware of the limited additions, etc.

    Was Panda hot ? Did the J.Lo. ads sell alot of handbags? I know Uma did a good job. Are there items carried only in Japan that I need to consider (I will go there if I have to) ? ?

    Real question: what did I miss ?
  2. Panda was hot..

    I don't know about the sales in result from Jlo ads, I heard it wasn't so good..
    on the other hand I heard LV share went up on that year (2003)

    I heard about Vernis speedy, exclusively for Japanese market...
  3. The cerises is hot..! :love: :graucho:
  4. The one item i regret not buying that my SA offered it to me is denim sac fermoir gm with red alligator handle.
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