LV Limited Editions and Prototypes...

  1. So...

    I'm a Collector of Limited Edition LV's and it kind of sucks in a way because if you miss a bag that you really want. Well...then there really is no way of getting another one, unless you see if on being sold by a reputable reseller. Unfortunetly, no such luck for me!

    I have been looking for a graffiti speedy for a long long long time now! I absolutely refuse to buy a regular speedy (because almost everyone in Vancouver has one!) so I came accross one that is apparently the prototype for the graffiti speedy. It is a speedy 25, unless i'm mistaken but wasn't the graffiti only made in the speedy 30? But the seller did say that it was a prototype. I'm not really familiar with prototype bags..I usually just buy the LE item from the LV store. The speedy was also signed at the bottom "the speedy is by Ellen Lewis", who is apparently one of the designers that helped design the bag. The graffiti writting all over the bag is also in gold. What do you guys think about prototype bags? I'm worried because it seems as though there is no way of authenticating a so called "prototype" bag...but the gold is really nice...what do you guys think?
  2. Sounds awfully risky....
    If you really want a limited edition graffiti speedy, they were made in the 30 version. I would not be comfortable buying a so-called prototype bag, because these bags are not usually released to anyone, they go to the LV Archives in Paris from what I have heard.
  3. I wouldn't buy it!! Doesn't sound right. Just keep your eyes open for the graffiti 30...they're around.
  4. i dont think its safe either. unless theres buyers protection...and even that its still risky.
  5. I saw this auction, too...I sent him a message asking where he got it...I'll let you know if you he responds.
  6. has is along with onther graffiti items...
  7. I know what you mean about missing out on LE. I missed out on Graffiti Alma PM. Since I'm skeptical buying from eBay, I don't think I'll ever have this bag.
    I wouldn't take a risk on prototypes....for me, it's not worth having it if I'll doubt it's authenticity.
  8. Thanks!
  9. Yea, I guess i'll wait
  10. definitely sounds shady!
  11. I found the auction you're talking about and I don't believe it's a prototype. Anyone can take a Speedy and draw on it to make it look like it's from the graffiti line. It looks this person used a gold pilot pen to do the job. Maybe it's because I've had these pens in the past, so IMO it looks really obvious the "graffiti" is drawn onto a regular Speedy rather than silk-screened like they should be. Am I the only one who sees it?? :confused1:



  12. [​IMG]



  13. I didn't even check eBay to check out the purse. Now that you've enclosed the pictures, all I can say is I SEE IT TOO! It's so obvious that it's written with a marker! :wtf:
  14. I just checked out the auction on ebay and the date code states SD 0948. I very much doubt that they started the prototype for the graffiti line 3 years before it actually came out.

  15. YUCK! Even if the bag is real, the graffiti effect most certainly is not.