LV limited edition with tiger's eye


Dec 24, 2005
I'm looking for the limited edition Louis Vuitton bag that came out last year, maybe. It was monogram canvas on the majority of the body and gathered near the top where it met the alligator (?) part. There was a small top handle, I believe, and a tiger's eye stone somewhere. It came in two sizes, right? What are the names of the two sizes, and is it possible to find one of them anywhere anymore? Many thanks.
it was the klara or the waltz or something.....i know that they're not available through LV anymore because they were very limited.....i've seen some on ebay but i'm wary of buying such an expensive bag when i'm doubtful of authenticity.....

but it's a gorgeous bag and i would kill to have one.....
I am sure you mean the waltz. They came in 2 sizes. 1 is called Oskar and the other was Klara? but I am not so sure on the second one. Your only chance would be ebay but there I would just go with a very trustfull seller. I saw them selling here for 4000,- Euros.
The two bags were the macha and the oskar and they made of the waltz collection. As stated before they are limited edition runway bags and are no longer available. I waitind a long time for my macha bag....check out the pictures in the handbag collection thread. The bag has eel, ostrich, and python leathers. Sorry about you not being able to get one. You can always check ebay, you can expext to pay around 4500-5000 for the macha and 7-10k for the oskar (which of course is higher than the retail price). Remember if the deal is to good to be true it probably is. If you need any help with the auctions please e-mail me and I'll be glad to help [email protected]. :biggrin::biggrin:
The bag you are asking about is from the Mongram Waltz line. It came in two sizes the smallest is the Dora and the larger is the Oskar. I have the Dora. It's fabulous! It has python, ostrich and lizard leathers as well as Cobochon stones or tiger eyes. I purchased this in London. It was a VIP special order. When converted to US dollars with duty, I paid just under $5000. The LV boutique in Dallas where I do most of my shopping didn't receive any. I was told by my SA that the US didn't get any. It was to have sold for $3400 US. They do pop up on Ebay but most are fake.