LV limited edition cost?

  1. HI there
    this is my first time posting! great thread.

    Does anyone know how much this LV costs? comes with the charms and all..i've never seen it before..any ideas?
  2. The name of the bag is mini pleaty rayé custommisé and cost €1750,- in France
  3. oh ok thankss!! is it limited edition?!
  4. yup:yes:
  5. I think its about $2500 USD.
  6. $2,590.00

    let trade has one but it doesnt have the charms hanging, its weird... im confused...
  7. There's a non-limited edition one without the charms that costs a little more than the regular Pleaty. I am guessing that's the one on let-trade.
  8. No the one on let-trade is listed as the customise and should have the charms on it.

    Ive got this bag (complete with charms), as far as I know the other cruise denim pleaty does not have all the buttons on like the one on let-trade.

    Like Matt, I'm confused.
  9. it's gorgeous!
  10. 3200$CAD or something like that if I remember correctly. It's a cute bag, but....scary if any one of the charms gets lost..............
  11. i was at lv and they had it at the store.

  12. there is a thread around here somewhere that mentions that too, it is the custom one but for some reason the original owner must have decided to keep the charms, they are detatchable so you can decide on the look you want.
  13. I like the big tote one. It looks nicer. Anyway, this model have an inexpensive one but without charming. Too much cheaper than this one.
  14. Nope, my dad almost bought it for me, it was 2800 when I went to go look at it in the store. :yes: Didn't like it though.
  15. Oh, then I must have been misinformed!:push: Thank you for the information!