LV limited edition anniversary chale monogram scarf in bleached denim blue! :)


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May 4, 2006
Central Europe
Hi all, I went to the LV boutique today to see if they got the blue limited edition monogram shawl in, which was supposed to be released on the 11th. It was right there already and they were almost all spoken for. The nice SA found one of the last ones for me and I was happy to take it home! :nuts:

The material is wool/silk, not denim, and quite big (a rectangle...). It was quite crinkled at first but has straightened out a bit and I :heart: it!! It has the most beautiful blue degrade shades, from ice blue to dark denim blue, totally gorgeous!!! :yahoo:

BTW, it's a one-shot deal and limited edition, according to the SA.
I also saw the rose one, the colors went from light pink to a nice dark cassis color.

Pics to follow, here's one from the website to start! (In the celebrity photos thread is also a pic of Demi Moore wearing the blue one).



Jan 7, 2009
wow congrats!!!!! I have been eying them since that demi moore pic showed up! and someone posted a pic of the pink one...cant wait to see yours!!!


Sep 19, 2008
Lone Star State
I keep going back and forth on whether to get this. I love both the pink and the blue but we just don't get enough cool weather here for me to get one. I was hoping it was lighter in texture like the SS leopard shawls but apparently it's not. I check the website everyday to see if they are still in stock, so far so good.