LV&Lexus07's Collection

  1. OML, I've found my twin brother.......
  2. love your whole collection!
  3. Those gucci hats look really fancy and the shoes from gucci are amazing, plus a great collection :smile:
  4. Great collection! Especially your LV pieces!
  5. Impressive!
  6. Such FAB taste! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  7. Thanks!!:smile:
  8. Fab collection!
  9. ;)
  10. It's been too long! Added a couple of Gucci wallets to my collection.
  11. Beautiful collection!
  12. awesome collection!
  13. Thank you!! More updates later today!
  14. Waiting :biggrin:
  15. Here we go! Monogram Messenger MM Beaubourg & Damier Ebene Cabas Beaubourg!!