LV Les Extraordinaires

  1. When did they actually start with those and what all is a part of it? :confused1:
  2. Not sure when it started exactly, I want to say maybe in 2003 or 2004? I believe what is part of it is the extremely expensive bags that have exotic skins/furs on them and what not. I know very little :sad:
  3. I think 2003, too...the first ones were the cerise/lizard and denimn/croc(I think croc on the denim)...and the mono with the pruple they have a few each launch.
  4. the denim came out in 05...
  5. Hi, here is a photo from one of my LV bible's

  6. if im not mistaken, the first official Les Extraordinaires were those monogram mink bags (aka Garfield) for F/W 2003. i believe the Denim with the red croc/lizard trims are not Les Extraordinaires.

    other Les Extraordinaire bags i can think of:
    >Draped pochette
    >alligator beauty case with the gold monogram print
    >suede Theda with swarovski monogram and mini padlock handles
    >jewelled mono canvas clutch
    >stingray polkadot clutches
    >crochetted mini frame bags with the mink rose, large jewels and feathers
    >Monogram Glitter bags
    >quilted Denim bags with ponyskin trims
    >jewelled "Elvis" Musette
    >Headphone bag
  7. I LLLOOOVVVEEE This bag so much :crybaby: :crybaby:
  8. the maxi patchwork leather bucket bag is one too
  9. they all sound pretty. does anyone have more pics please?
  10. I just looked on @ the womens f/w show and there are no mink bags...
  11. The alligator steamer (the one MJB was pictured with) is the most recent one.
  12. these monogrammed mink bags were actually a surprise. nobody knew they existed till they began showing up on eBay. i think there were only two styles: a Sac Rabat and a Papillon. i think Let-Trade had one for sale recently :yes:
  13. What about the Le Fab one?
  14. Thanks everyone for your answers! :flowers:

    That's such an interesting topic. Sigh. I just came across the bejeweled bag on the sold pages of Let Trade and set out to a quest to find out more about these special pieces.

    That's a pretty tough thing to do or I'm just too stupid to find it :shame: I didn't really find any good complete info about it.

    Does anybody know the retail prices? Also, is known how many of each style are made? It seems to me that the mink pap and the draped pochette come up on eBay, etc quite often where I've never really seen any of the other styles (except in celebrity pics)
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