LV leopard print cashmere shawl scarf

  1. Does anyone know where I can still find this?

    Has anyone ordered one recently--I quickly stopped by the closest LV I was near yesterday but they told me it was all sold out...

    Any help?

    Thanks!!! =)
  2. I think eBay is going to be your best bet! I would call the 866 number first though...if there is one to be found I think they would be most helpful.
  3. call the 1866 number and ask for mikka, if there is one around, she will find it for you.
  4. I bought mine months ago. 866 is your best bet. If they can be found, they will find it.
  5. thanks everyone...seems like Canada and the US are all sold out...if anyone happens to return theirs (which I know is highly unlikely) please let me know, thanks!!!
  6. UK e-shopping just had it.... seems crazy but true! good luck!
  7. Hi!
    i'm so confused.
    Lv leopard scarf Sprouse in Cachemere (brown)is a limited editon or not?
    i was thinking it is limited..
    Why is it possible to buy it in boutique NOW???
  8. had one about a week ago
  9. I think she found one back in Nov, but she is selling it on eBay now. I got an eBay message today that had this scarf, when I saw this post I clicked on it and her screen name was the seller...what a coincidence.