LV Leeds meet UK

  1. Hi, me and Cherry Pie are oraganizing a LV Leeds meet if anyone is interested then please discuss it here. I know there are lots of other boutiques but this one seems like our best option. If there are any other questions please post them here and me and Cherry Pie will answer them for you. here are some things we have discussed allready.

    [] Meet around end of november/beggining of december
    [] ALL members are welcome
    [] there is no spending limit, you do not have to purchase LV
    [] There will be a meal and drinks

    Let us know what you think
  2. I just wanted to add that last time I tried to organize a meet there was worries about the age difference, but I dont see a problem with this because thats what its like on the forum and also were here for bags so we have something in common.

    There are lots of trains to Leeds, I myself will be getting the train. Although a meet in London would be amazing, its a little too far away for some of us, and some members probably dont want to pay out for hotels etc. So I think leeds is perfect since many people live round that area.
  3. Each UK member who has actively posted in the LV forum will recieve an invite. If other members from abroad would like to come then thats great.
  4. I think it would be great fun, is that the biggest store up north? I thought the leeds store was on the smallish side?

    I think it would be a great idea, but I can see where people would be worried about age etc, im 19 so if im the youngest can someone look after me please!? x
  5. I dont think its the biggest but it seems to be in the middle of the other stores.

    No they will not look after you, Im the yougest haha :p
  6. Cherry Pie has just informed me that there is a VIC ROOM at the Leeds store so If me and Cherry Pie can possibly get the store to let us all use this, once we have an exact date and exact numbers that would be AMAZING !!! :nuts:
  7. just thought i would give a little info on leeds and the leeds store.
    it is a small store but its central so we thought it would be the easiest place to organise the meet.

    the store is all on one level and very small but they do seem to get plenty of LE items and the SAs are all very sweet. probably because its so small. unlike other stores all of the SAs seem to know what they are talking about and they let you have a good look at the look book and answer all of my endless lists of Qs when i visit.

    also in leeds is harvey nichols which sells balenciaga, gucci, alexander mcqueen and many others. there is also a great vivienne westwood store and agent provocateur. leeds also has a few cool vintage shops and plenty of nice places to eat.

    if anyone will be staying over night then quebecs has a great boutique hotel in the city.
  8. Ha ooo ME ME!
    and fyi i'm the youngest ;)
    Erm i'm good on Fridays,Saturdays & Sundays.
    This sounds great though!
  9. aw, i bet you arent the youngest!
  10. oooo a younger one lol, how old are you Kaiie ?
  11. Aw I'd like to go but I doubt I could get up there. :sad:
  12. I think Kaiies the youngest! Juice, I live in Bham and so does Kaiie, so if i go i would be getting the train x

    Ooh, what about Manchester? They have every shop there! Plus Trafford centre! Major shopping trip!? xx
  13. ^ Aah Soph we could meet on the train! LOL
  14. ^ We could just meet at new street and hop on! xx
  15. ^ HA yep ! we could go say Hi to Marcus !