LV leather

  1. hi, new member here :graucho:

    i was browsing around, very impressive forum here, quite active!

    my first question for the board....

    Does anybody know what type of leather LV generally uses for their bags/purses? Its such high quality and lasts forever.
  2. the monogram bags are not made from leather, they are coated egyptian canvas. suhali is goat leather but im not sure what sort of leather epi is.
  3. oh? all the while i thought leather is used for LV bags! :shame: hmm.. is leather supposed to last longer/is better than canvas?
  4. Cheers to the LV bag maniacs!
    Could you please tell me whether Vernis or Epi Leather products are made of "leather leather" (except for the trimming, I mean). Judging from the LV price level, it would be logical to assume they are not.
    ps. Did the search but could not find any information of the issue.
  5. Almost all permanent LV bags' trimmings, piping, handles, tabs...etc are made of calf leather

    As for the body of the bag, depends on the line:
    Mono, Damier/azur, Multicolore: coated canvas
    Vernis: patent calf leather
    Suhali: goat leather
    Epi: leather (calf?)
    Mini Lin, Antigua, Damier geant, Denim: Canvas
  6. Good thread.

    I've wondered if the canvas used on the mono line is the same density for every single item, or does the canvasweight differ? What I mean to find out is, are bags like the Speedy and Neverfull a lighter canvas than, say, Manhattan and Cabas? Has anyone noticed a difference.

    The more trimming it has in proportion, the more rigid the bag, is my guess, but I'm strictly asking about canvasweight. Thanks --
  7. the density (ie mass/volume) should always be the same (well... scientifically, NOTHING is the same when you go down to the molecular level.... I doubt two parts of the mono canvas will have the SAME exact number of atoms...). So yes, basically every item that uses the mono canvas will have the same density cuz they cut the canvas from the same batch. and the same applies to other items in other lines that use the same canvas/fabric

    bags only become heavy due to more material used (eg. more canvas, hardware, leather...etc)
  8. ooh I love subatomic level talk :p... and you did answer my question!

    Thanks, LV4eva! :flowers: