Lv leather smell

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  1. Just got a mono cles today. The inner lining (supposed to be leather) smells like vinyl, not leather. I'm not going to bring it back and smell other ones that they have haha but has anyone noticed the same? This is my 3rd cles but the only one that doesn't have the amazing leather smell that I'm used to. This is definitely a newer generation cles - the older ones didn't have as shiny of brass and on the damier versions, the squares were centered.
  2. Here's a pic :smile: I still love it
  3. Now you're making me want to go smell mine! Lol
  4. Just took a good whiff of mine , also a mono cles that I purchased from LV, and to me it smells like leather.

    Lol....the things we do when it's late and can't sleep! (12:30 am here). :smile:
  5. There isn't any leather on the cles is there? I thought it was all canvas. Maybe that's why it doesn't smell like leather.
  6. Now I have to go smell mine lol
  7. The inside in lined with leather, but I know the vinyl smell you are talking about I had the same smell with my new pochette it will fade in time.
  8. The lining is not all leather is it? Doesn't feel like it...I know the same, it fades with them.
  9. The interior is leather and the outside is canvas. Or at least it's supposed to be!
  10. Mine doesn't smell like leather either, and it's one made in 2012. I wish the had kept the Damier cles pattern centered, it looks prettier that way
  11. I loooove the smell of new LV leather.
  12. Tell me about it.. Not sure where they were going with that
  13. Tbh when I first got mine I thought it was a mistake and I got a defective one. So I went to lv to exchange and found out they were all like that!!
  14. You must have a lot of time on your hands-lucky you:smile:
  15. Not at all.. Thanks for that?