LV leather getting wet in the rain?

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  1. Does this cause stains? For the leather handles on a Louis Vuitton bag to get wet from rain?
  2. its hard to say. thats never happened to an lv pieve of mine, but the rain has ruined some leather things ive had, like wallets, and shoes and things, but im assuming no major damage should happen...
    are there little blotches on the handles?
    maybe there were chemicals in the rain...
  3. Most likely the leather gets stains... but i have heard of a few people who got lucky. I would personally never take mine out when it rained, if it did i would guard it with my life!
  4. Usually stains caused by rain on the handles are because the the handles were originally dirty and then when water drips down the leather, it carries dirt particles with it to look like a dirty streak....

    We can't really avoid dirt on handles - probably best to keep your bag out of the rain.
  5. On regular vachetta bags I avoid the rain (I usually carry a plastic bag just in case)...with stuff like Damier I don't worry about it at fact I had my Damier speedy out in the snow today!
  6. The rain will cause water spots, but i've noticed they aren't really noticeable once the leather gets a darker patina.
  7. the leather on my bag has a soft honey patina and water spots don't seem to stain it. It was a torrential downpour out there today and the rain didn't do any damage. Perhaps the patina helps to protect it in a way.
  8. Yesterday it was raining and I saw a lady in front of Bloomingdales using her LV as an umbrella!:wtf: Bag def looked real!
  9. I've been caught in many a downpour and the vachetta handles on my batignolles are fine!