LV & Lamb Madras

  1. Bad experience.........

    Last night went to pay the bill at an Indiam Restaurant and dropped my Blue Epi wallet into the left overs of a very spicy lamb madras. My BF and I just froze and stared - OMG the horror!! Luckily I had some left-over water and some napkins - I wet the napkin wiped it all off and dried my wallet with another napkin. No stain, no markings!!! Still perfect like the day I bought it!!

    I think I need more Epi - its so hard wearing!!!!

    Has anyone else had any horrible "near-death" LV experiences???
  2. Wow, now I think I really want a red Epi wallet :drool: Glad to hear that your wallet was okay!
  3. no smell either? ....impressive...
  4. Yeah, but I really don't want to tell. Let's just say that one of my bags just got cleaned up from an over the top party this week end. I'm amazed I got the smell off it.

    and no it wasen't covered in "fresh food".
  5. Hmmm... I almost dropped my new Epi wallet in a puddle of water... :sweatdrop:
  6. Louis Vuitton's Epi Line: gorgeous, durable, and Lamb Madras proof.
  7. mmm~delicious.....I meant EPI....

  8. Its 2 years old has still has that beautiful Epi smell - Anyone else notice each line of leathers goods has a distinct but equally intoxicating smell????
  9. Oh my! That is always one of my nightmares. I am glad the wallet is fine!
  10. Poor Epi wallet!
  11. Yes- my Epi, Vernis and Mono items all smell differently in their own fabulous way, even after so many years of use:yes:
  12. hee hee, but true too!
    no horror stories re: they have fallen UP and DOWN many a stair case with me, bumped into people and things and even had a fender bender or two:shame: , but luckily we are all ok...i'm incredibly accident prone and ridiculously clumsy....:wlae:
  13. I spilled some coffee on my Popincourt and I was in shock! Luckily, I had some napkins with me to wipe that off. Phewwwww
  14. Yikes - Poor epi.:sweatdrop:
    Glad you managed to clean it up ok.
  15. I am glad your wallet is ok.