LV lady steamer

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  1. I think this might be my first post in LV section.
    Can anyone tell me about this bag?
    I am loving it!
  2. Lady steamer? I don't think I have ever heard of it? If it different from the regular steamer? pics?
  3. OMG.
    I am going to show that to my husband so that all my other LVs will look cheap in comparison!
  4. haha. too funny.
  5. Wow, that is GORGEOUS :love: :love: :love:
  6. Anyone know how much over retail that is?
  7. i didnt think that was real! whoa!
  8. Wowza!
  9. If I am not mistaken, suggested retail for this bag was US$13500.00 with 50% deposit.
  10. That's freakin hot! Not something I'd get, but I like it!