LV Ladies, Anyone have both Luco Tote and Cabas Mezzo

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  1. Heavy deliberation continues over both of these things. I think I like the Luco more but fear it's too narrow to fit all my needs. Any thoughts appreciated!
  2. A co-worker purchased the Cabas just last week. She didn't pick the Luco and the Babylon because their narrow bottom wouldn't be as forgiving if you were to add more items. The Cabas must have more room because she can get a ton of stuff in it, I like it because of its leather bottom.
  3. I also think you should get the Cabas. It's bigger and lesser in cost.

    I contemplated getting the Cabas Mezzo, but I went against it only because it has leather at the bottom (sorry serendipity3kb). When it comes to my everyday bags, over the years the bottom of the bags get scuffed and stained. If the Cabas came with metal feet or monogram canvas bottom, I would have reconsidered it.

    Let us know your final choice, BagLovingMom!
  4. I have both of the bags. The Luco yes it is narrow- I think it is good for carrying a few notebooks or whatever . (I use these bags for school). The Luco, as you said you like it more, I do too, that is bc of the structure to it and the nice curves it makes on the sides. However, the Mezzo holds much much more, I use it when i need to carry a lot of books for school and as a carry on when i travel. I agree with bag lady about the bottom of the Mezzo, I was alwasy careful not to get mine dirty , but I have had it for some time and now the leather its darker. If you have doubts about the Luco being too small dont get it, go for the Mezzo.
  5. Thank you!! What great advice, I know I can always count on members for tremendous insight. Don't you hate it sometimes when you like one bag more but it's not as practical as the other. Anyways, I think I'll take a deep breath, purchase the Cabas, and conveniently forget that my Gucci horse-bit strap hobo is scheduled to arrive in January ( I really need to calm down on my handbag consumption in 2006 :smile:). Thanks again everyone!!
    PS. Did you guys know that LV no longer makes Cabas Alto?