LV Kusama Saturday Night Reveal:)

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  1. My wife and I were at the LV boutique in Denver this afternoon and she found a new LV that she fell in love with at first sight. It just grabbed her immediately and that was all she wrote.

    The fact that it is a Kusama is just the icing on the cake:smile:
    Who wants to see what's in the bag?

  2. Open, open.
  3. I'm here...chewing on some licorice!
  4. Here!!!!!!
  5. Bring it!
  6. :popcorn::couch:
  7. Inside the bag was this...

  8. here!!!
  9. Inside the box, it looks like this...

  10. Here!
  11. Anyone care to venture a guess?
    I fear that the next picture I post will give it away:smile:
  12. Neverfull red?
  13. Let's see!
  14. Great close:smile: Here is the inside (and the giveaway)...

  15. Wow....stunning..