LV Koala Wallet -- in which material will your preferred?

  1. Hi all,

    If you are going to get a Koala Wallet, which material you will go for and why?
  2. I think it's gorgeous in white MC, even though I prefer black MC!
  3. I am looking at the mono to match my other accessories or possibly in the epi
  4. I have one in pomme vernis and its beautiful!
  5. MC gets my vote, its really pretty in person.
  6. I have one in Amarante vernis and it is the most beautiful LV in my collection!
  7. Pomme. It's so gorgeous!
  8. i'd say get it in vernis, just because it's sooo gorgeous. :yes: as for colors, my vote is for Pomme (or Amarante, if you're not bothered by fingerprints).
  9. Monogram for me :biggrin: I love mono what can I say?
  10. Is it difficult to maintain as I heard from the SA that the vernis wallet cant intact with magazine, photo, newspaper else it will transform the image to the wallet...

    Please verify..

  11. either EPI RED or VERNIS POMME...

    Headache now...
  12. My vote is for the Multicolor -- I think the Koala is soo cute with all the different colors.
  13. I love the manhattan type clasp, so that eliminates the vernis, epi, or MC koala. I would say the damier azur