LV KNOWLEDGE NEEDED! (Brass LV name plates)

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  1. I've come to realize that I'm a sucker for LV name plates (on bags, accessories, etc.) :love:

    Please help me with a list (feel free to include pics!) of which items have them.

    So far, I know of the Berkeley and Eva...

    P.S. Ever since I came across this site, my bf thinks I'm obssessed.
    (:feminist: j/k :smooch:)
  2. hi, welcome. If you mean "Inventeur metallic plate" then Hampstead,Gallliera,thames have them (only the ones I remember right now)
  3. Thank you so much, mumar_k!

    Actually, I'm open to any type of plate... I just saw the Agenda "Partenaire PM Cover" has a little one as well. :cloud9:
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    Cruise Tahitienne, Limelight and African Queen are the first that comes to mind. I LVoe the itty bitty one from the AQ.

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  5. The Pochette Milla also has one of the small 'Louis Vuitton' plates, as well as the Vernis cles.
  6. The Antigua series of bags had them. Some belts have them also.
  7. I am a sucker for them too. Thinking about getting the galliera, thames ro hampsteas. I also like the zipper pulls on the tivoli.
  8. Bulles PM MM GM and Mini Noe Rococo :smile:
  9. The Sophie in Mono and Damier, only sold in Japan and Hawaii~
  10. this zippy wallet has a small plate.


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  11. Sunset Blvd :drool:
  12. the bellevue PM and GM in Vernis have a small plate
  13. Bloomsbury has a small plate.