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  1. hey gals, pls tell me if this klara is authentic or not,thanks!!!!
    5a_1_b.jpg 9c_1_b.jpg 26_1_b.jpg
  2. The shape looks like of odd. I thought it is more triangular.
  3. I don't think so...the printing on the dustbag looks very light and the Straps...


    Has paper wrapped on the hardware...I don't think Louis Vuitton does that...also the Raspberry Alcantara doesn't look so Raspberry..

    Hope this helps..
  4. Looks fake! The photos look like they're taken from a camera phone. The shape should be more jutted out at the bottom.
  5. the dustbag is fake because it has white drawstrings where as the ones that come with authentics are brown strings.
  6. thx all... the seller send me more pic
    but i dun think they are from the same klara
    klara1.JPG klara2.jpg
  7. i think its really dodgy .. i would stay away from this seller if i were you ..