LV kids clothing line!

  1. Hey guys, has anyone seen this yet?

    I went to LV-Rodeo Dr. today...and yeah got the tour, and I'm like WHAT, we make clothes now for kids?

    We were told they just got them 2 days ago!

    Has anyone seen them?


    Alot of it I saw had the Damier pattern going, but they were so cute!

    I am not sure if someone has posted a thread on this, but yeah sorry if it is a repeat! Apparently only the New York Store, Rodeo and a Hawaii store currently has them.

    I just thought they were so cute!

    I got to see the Mini Lin shoes finally that everyone was talking about, I am like how cute are they...

    I also got a glimpse of the current CEO for LV world wide (I know, haha) and yeah the new CEO for LV North America... (I had to duck and cover cause I didn't want the regional manager to see me there, haha....)

    That was my adventure for today, haha headed over to LV-Beverly Center too, blah blah... ha.
  2. I'd want to see it. I'm trying to picture the Damier print ones....
  3. LAURENCE! i have missed talking to you so much! how are you? liking the job hehe? by the way i have seen the kids shoes, one word: fabulous!
  4. Oh how cute!! Wish I could see pics of them.
  5. Hey beautiful!
    Aw - thnx for saying hi!

    I have been good - I hit a year with the company 2 weeks ago... haha I met an associate over at Rodeo, she's going on 10 years... I'm like WHAT? haha... I dunno about sticking around for that long, haha but I am content for now!

    I know aren't the kids shoes just adorable! I am like AWW... haha.

    I hope you're doing well too!
  6. I think you will love them! I am sure someone else here on the TPF has seen the clothing line too!

    Anyhow yeah the funny thing is I never saw this in like a corporate email, haha but yeah... they are there, and they are too cute... ha.
  7. I know... I am sure it is just a matter of time when the word really gets out there... I haven't been on the lately, are they on there maybe?
  8. My dream has come true! In the other group we talked about stuff that we wished LV made, I wished they had a kid's line. Loving it. Now on to bedding. LOL.

    What PERFECT timing, I'm planning to go to LA this weekend and I am making a little trip to Sprinkles! Yay. I will make a point to make it to LV.

    Thanks for the info L!!
  9. Sounds like a good day Laurence...I want them to make a Mini Lin in the Aman again...I'd buy it...
  10. I'm so happy too!:yahoo:
  11. will they still be making mini teddybear brooches? i'd LOVE a non-pink set but i was told Australia won't be getting any :crybaby:
  12. OMG Where is Sprinkles in LA? My friends and I were like "WHERE IS IT..." haha... yeah we hit up Pink's, and yeah I totally stuffed my face! haha... mmm... hot dog, haha.

    Michelle when you see the kid clothing line, I know you will adore it!

  13. HAHA yes - they were on display too... (They're so cute) I saw Red, and Brown...and yeah that's what I can remember so far.
  14. Oh it was! The LA associates... oh I love them better than the LV-SCP associates... haha.

    Speaking of buying, eek... haha... I need to save my money! hehe...
  15. sorry but what is Sprinkles? lol.

    oh and yes, that sounds awesome. now for some LV bedding and bath items.. then i won't have to go to gucci for the wallpaper. lol.