LV Keyrings

  1. Hi all, I'm new here. Just found out the really awesome forum the other day, wished I could have found it sooner. hahaha...

    I'm in a need of a new keyring (for a guy), was gonna get the Monogram Groom Clefs but my brother bought one already! DAMMIT!

    I like the Groom Clefs coz I can use it not just as a keyring but I can put coins, etc etc in it as well.

    I saw the Jack & Lucie keyring, I think that one is nice - and people can see the big "LV" on it easily too! Yeah.. I like to show off that I have LV. :sweatdrop:

    Anyone know if that's available in Melbourne, Australia? (And for how much ?)

    Any other ideas of what I should get?

    And those keyrings made out of leather, aren't they easily scratch if it's near keys and all?

    Is it worth it to get something that can only works as a keyring and cost that much? (Apart from "because it's LV" as a reason)

    I know that I can use it as accessories for bags, but I only have Damier Geant Messenger bag and I dont think I can attach them on it.

    So any suggestions, would be kindly appreciated! :graucho: