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  1. Hey guys. I lost the key to my Cerises Speedy key...its #313. I need to get it off as I am getting a new lock and key from the store sent to me. Could anyone with a LV with the number of #313 possibly send me their key so I can get mine off and I will send it right back? I will pay for your postage. I talked to the store and they said I could bring it in to cut it off but that frightens me!! I also am about 1.5 hours away and dont really want to make the trip. So if anyone could have mercy on me and help me out I would be forever grateful! :smile:

  2. I will go look at my locks now...
  3. Thanks Jill!! :smile:
  4. ok-Mine is 316-Sorry!
  5. I'll run upstairs and check...mine is brand new though...but I'll check
  6. I HAVE 313!!!:wlae:
  7. I had this happen to me and I just took the bag with lock to LV and they had a 'master' key and unlocked it and then gave me (no charge) a new key & lock:smile:
  8. I'm 305 sorry :sad:
  9. OK, I am just running out the door and will be back in a couple of hours! PM me your address and I will throw it in the mail if you can't find anyone in USA.
  10. Irene WOW! that is great!! I will give it a day to see if anyone in the USA has it first ok? Would the shipping be bad from Canada to US? I am assuming we could just mail in a letter?? I will keep you posted!!
    Thanks so much for checking!!
  11. I asked my SA about that and he said they cut it off. No master key. Did you see them do it or did they take it in the back?
  12. Selena, I had the same probleme 2 weeks ago when i got back from a trip, my keepall was locked. I went to a lv store didn't even know any SA there, didn't even brought the keepall. They gave me a new key. So go ahead!
  13. I was standing next to her as she unlocked it:yes:
  14. 311, I would have been happy to!! Bummer.
  15. Well my store said I have to bring it in!! Anyone in the US with one they would let me borrow? If not Irene your my savior! :smile:
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