LV Key Holder

  1. Who has one? For all of you who have one, anyone also drive a European car with their bulky keys? I want a red one to match my car, debating on the Red epi or the Red vernis.
  2. You mean the cles? I have a vernis one and I use a small metal keyloop to put my bulky car key in, then link it back to the cles.
  3. No, not the Key/Coin Cles. I mean something like this: [​IMG]
  4. I have the six key holder in mono. It's not bulky at all. But then again, I don't have bulky keys either........that's a good question, though!
  5. i've always wanted one of those.. but my car keys are huge! :sad:
  6. I use the key holder for everything except car keys. I'll pick up an actual keychain one day for those. They're just too big, unless you never close the key holder with the key inside.

    Am I making sense? :roflmfao: :lol:
  7. i have one but i only have one key so probably not much help....i don't think you could fit that many big keys in it tho :sad:
  8. Do you all think it'll look okay w/ a key hanging out (car key)
  9. The charms clés is slightly bigger than the usual clés such as mc or cerises, it's also softer and more flexible, ideal for bigger keys. I'm using it at the moment :love:
  10. evolkatie, i have that cles but in fuchsia vernis. yep i use it for my car keys, a european car with bulky key, indeed. loving the thing so much i always wrap it in tissue after using it *vernis freak here* coz i dont want to ruin it :love:
  11. I just sold 3 coin/key cles. I don't think I'll get another one. I still have one or two more at home.