LV key holder

  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to solicit some suggestions and pictures of any member with a key holder. I've been considering getting a 6 key holder but I would like to see how bulky and accomadating the thing is. I have one of those key fob and I'm not sure how well it's going to fit inside the keyholder. so if anyone with a key holder, can you please post a pic with keys in it.

    thank you all very much
  2. here's my Mini Lin 4-keyholder:


  3. I love the key holder. I dont own one but i will soon.
  4. I love the key holder. I want one in MC.
  5. I love that keyholder!! So pretty!!!!!
  6. 6 key holder is significantly larger than the 4 key holder.

    I have a white MC, but you're a guy, so I would recommend a Damier 4 key holder.

    Hope that helps
  7. thanks for all your help, I have two large key, one of them is a bmw car key fob, so I was thinking of getting the 6 key holder to fit the car keys and house keys all together. I think I will have to make a trip to the store and play with it to see if the 4 key holder will fit all of my key.

    btw.. I am thinking of getting the damier pattern.

    thanks for all your help.
  8. Key holders are silly.

    (1) We carry lots of keys. Car, office, house, mailbox, etc.

    (2) If you drive a nice car, the key is usually electronic and bulky. Why not just use the key holder that comes with it?

    (3) The more junk you hang, the heavier the key holder. After a while, the car ignition part will become loose.

    (4) Guys should invest their luxury items for wallets ( priority #1), watches ( priority #2), shoes ( prioriy #3), belts (priority #4), cell phone (priority #5), and a pouch or portfolio or briefcase (priority #6).

    Anything else is just goofy.
  9. ^^ I think Key Holders can be quite useful. I think they serve their purpose well, and if you have many sets of keys, investing in several key holders could be the way to go.

    LVAsianGuy, as Yeuxhonettes has already shown, the car key fob may have to stay out of the holder. This kind of defeats the purpose, IMO. However, some people don't find this troublesome at all. I own 3 key holders. 1 epi 4 key, 1 Epi 6 key and a Damier 6 key. The damier 6 key feels more accommodating than the Epi equivalent, if that helps.
  10. I may just have to visit LV today and check these out! I never wanted one until now, GEE THANKS! :cursing::roflmfao:
  11. sure here ya go, it was an impulsive purchase I just didn't wanna walk out the store empty handed:nuts:
    I LoVe it to pices I can toss it around and not have to worry about it...

  12. thanks for all the replies, just another question for you all,
    do men carry the key holder? I actually seen men in asian countries using the key holder but have not seen any men ising it in United States.

    I think it's very practical and I tend me drop my keys alot when I reach in my pocket to get things. I figured that I can at least protect the key fobs from being damaged with a key holder.

    to hulksmash99: I do already have all the things listed on your priority list, so a key holder is one of them items on my shopping list :smile: