LV key/card holders?

  1. ever since i purchased my mini palm springs I've been obsessed with all things LV (the pochette metis is on my wishlist!) and I'd love a card holder but the website doesn't have a big selection, aside from this one
    i'd only buy online out of sheer impatience as I live just outside London so i'd have to make a special trip to buy it.

    do you guys like it? is there a better selection in store?
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  2. I might be missing something here but I clicked on several of the key/card holders on the UK site and all were in stock. So is this the one you like the most? Or are you seeing that this is the only one in stock?
  3. I owed this card holder and I really liked it. The only reason I ended up getting rid of it as I had to pay for some school things. The multiple slots were nice to separate bank cards, rewards cards, coins, etc. I have the key pouch now, but when I have the money I would definitely repurchase. It's very compact too.

    As for the inventory, I am not too sure if the selection is the same in the store over there. I think if you have the chance to go in person though it is always better to get a feel for anything before purchasing.
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  4. I had this card case but returned it because it's quite fat, not slim like other card holders.
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  5. My hubby has this vintage one that is amazing. It has plastic pockets that he can just flip out to get the card of his choice. He has several wallets including an LV wallet but this is his fav!
    IMG_8139.JPG IMG_8140.JPG IMG_8141.JPG IMG_8138.JPG
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  6. I love a good card holder, they're so useful for smaller bags or if you just don't want to carry around a bulky purse, I really like the one you'd linked, especially the colour. As for online it depends, I live outside of London too so I understand online can be easier but I always love going into store!
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  7. thanks all for your input!!

    mm ive grown to hate having a huge purse. i just carry some cash, few coins and cards in my zippy coin wallet at the moment but i want a 'proper' one. maybe its time for a trip to Harrods!
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  8. The empreinte cles is pretty roomy and beautiful, check it out!
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  9. oh wow they are gorgeous.. ahh decisions! i like that it has a side pocket also :smile:
  10. Yeah, functions as a small wallet plus key holder :tup:
  11. I have this one and love it. It's compact but holds a lot.
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    Another vote for the empreinte cles! I just started using mine and the back zipper is so handy for my building fob and key. Plus it's so roomy and the embossing is gorgeous :heart:
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